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Important procedure for test translations

Let's be honest,
test translations can be quite annoying. You spend valuable time to work on a sample, you don't get paid a dime and in the end you get an answer like "Oh, we require a different style." "Your translation was too close to the original/not close enough to the original." or something like that. Now you've spent all this time, trying to be as good as possible and in the end you're not being approved. Every translator will agree that this is a waste of time. Therefore I have new rules for test translations.
1. I am happy to do a test of no more than 200 words in a subject which the client and I have agreed upon or which is related to a project I have quoted for. This can be done free of charge and with no deadline.
2. I will point clients who want to see a
sample of my work to my Facebook page where they can find samples from different subject areas, provided they "like" my page first.
3. Any client who cannot access Facebook,
click here to see one of these samples.
4. Any client who asks for a test translation of
their own material which is more than 200 words will be charged pro rata. Payment has to be received by me before I start the test translation.

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